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Systems Monitoring

“Fully managed real-time remote monitoring and alerting..”

Sentinel is Corporatec's real-time monitoring and alerting system built using industry standard solutions and in house developed software. By digging deeper into the health of your system, it gives you unrivalled insight and awareness into the optimal functioning of your IT, and allows a level of monitoring that far exceeds conventional norms.

Sentinel is a highly robust, fully-managed service and runs independently of your infrastructure and dependencies, performing regular checks and receiving instant alerts for warning and error conditions.
Sentinel may be configured to meet the unique needs of any system, for example, reporting on low paper or toner for printers or excessive user logon failures.

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System Insights

Sentinel will make regular checks and receive instant alerts for conditions such as,

  • Application availability.
  • Temperature and humidity thresholds.
  • Email queue thresholds.
  • Hardware failures and recovery status.
  • Internet services.
  • Key Operating System events.
  • Network connectivity and power loss.
  • Server responsiveness, availability & utilisation.